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About us

Shahar livny

headmaster of photography

in a second, you will dive into my photography world...

Just for the record, lets make a short acquaitance.

Hay! my name is Shahar Livny, living the world with my camera for the past 15 years!!!

always seek for my special point of view, to tell the story in my own way. without desturbing the moment.

more than a decade ago, alongside my wife Sharon, we  started a family butique studio, for photography and graphic.

as time goes by, we added the studio a group of energetic and talented people, whom grow up to be our second family.

out studio offers diverse packeges of stills, video, graphic and etc...

now youre ready... enjoy watching our work

SIL חן ורועי (1 of 1)-211.JPG
IMG-20200813-WA0013 copy 2.png

Sharon Livni

Chief Graphic Designer

Graduate of the "Exposure" School of Communication and Digital Arts - The Open University, majoring in animation, design and post-production, and graduate of the User Experience Characteristics course -  UX / UI I.
Specializes in designing digital albums and retouching  Design images for print and digital and characterize the user experience for applications. 

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