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Wedding albums

White album

In designing the white style wedding albums, the album is clean, minimalist and elegant, here the name of the game is sizes, symmetry and the game between them.

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A classic album

In designing classic style wedding albums,
The images are most of the design volume.
There is a game of image sizes, symmetry and its breaking, there is also the use of images as backgrounds for pages, and the backgrounds themselves are solid.

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Effects album

In designing wedding albums in the style of effects, 
The images are integrated within the page design,
A variety of frames and backgrounds are designed when the images
Tailored into the formatted page ...

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Integrated album

In designing the combined style wedding albums, the style is a combination of the classic and the effects ...

Some of the pages are designed in a classic style with images as the center of design, and some are designed in the style of effects where the design is the center of attention and the images are integrated in it.

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Premium albums

In our premium albums the photos get a design touch of special cuts, games  Black / white, additional texts and more ...

* Please note, these albums include 200-230 photos

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Albums  VIP

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Personal design albums ...
During the work process, your meeting with the designer takes place, and together you decide on a concept,
Choose the pictures together  And the design elements
The design was built especially for you and is disposable ...

* Please note, these albums are not part of the cost of the package
And they are priced separately

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